Las Vegas Trip - Francisco Tejeras Photography

Departed: April 17 2017

Returned: April 23 2017

Where: Kingman (AZ), Oatman (AZ), Laughlin (NV), Las Vegas (NV), Zion National Park (UT), Cedar City (UT), Victorville (CA), and Willow Springs International Raceway (CA)

Desert Road Trip

April 17 2017

My mother was going to work at a convention in Las Vegas and Amber and I talked about going there together by motorcycle. I also knew the places Amber would like to see, enjoy and experience.. So I planned a Route 66 and a desert road trip combination just for her. We would go places where she has never been to and a spot I've always wanted to go to. This trip would also be Amber's first time on a real motorcycle trip.. She is thrilled and excited to see what the desert has to offer.. Roll on Route 66, the Mother Road! 

Hello Mother Road

Butt Break

After three and half hours, 231 miles from home, we stopped at this cool Route 66 spot along Interstate 40. We were minutes away from Needles, the last spot in California before entering Arizona. We stopped for a break, get some fuel and take some photographs. Amber didn't like the long boring highways, but I told her the fun part was just around the corner.. Iconic landscapes, curvy roads and very cool local spots awaits us in Kingman, just a few miles away. Smooth sailing at 80mph in sixth gear, the Nighthawk was humming along perfectly, I was grinning hard. I love that bike and I knew I was going to see more of the world on that bike..

Welcome to 66, Amber..

Amber could not wait to see the markings on the road when we reached Needles so I pulled over to a spot where we could take some photographs. It is where the Interstate 40 and Oatman-Topock Highway meets. If you've seen Easy Riders then you would know the famous spot by the Colorado River that divides California and Arizona. 

Colorado Belle

First night of seven days on the road, we spent the night at Colorado Belle Casino Resort in Laughlin. I've stayed there a few times before and thought Amber would enjoy her first night here. It was a long tiring day after time spent in Kingman and Oatman. Because we were so exhausted, we didn't do much walking around as we'd planned but saw enough of the place. We were too tired to even go out and grab some dinner, so we stayed in. It was also really hot outside (even at night!) so we took a quick cool shower and lie in bed and rest our weary bodies. We were under 100 miles from our destination for the week in Vegas so we decided to sleep early and get an early start tomorrow. It will be an easy ride so we could stop anywhere we wanted and spend some time taking in the sights. 

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Good Morning

April 18 2017

We got up around 9am after a well-rested night and got the bike packed and ready for Vegas. We rode around Laughlin just a little to take in the sights, cross the mighty Colorado River once again and took the back road from Laughlin to Interstate 15 via Highway 163, Highway 95 and Highway 164.

Middle of Nowhere

We stopped at this teeny tiny place called Nipton. There was nothing around but a small trading post and a few houses. The place was nearly abandoned but still operating after all these years. We went in Nipton Trading Post to see what they have, something we could collect or bring home souvenir. Winds started to pick up but we are in the middle of the desert after all.. We are also between two mountain ranges, so it can get a little rough out here. Still a nice day's ride in the middle of nowhere, I was enjoying myself with Amber being such a great partner. I love watching her scoping out the place with curiosity and joy. She is always wanting to read about something,a piece of history or a story about the place. I think she is definitely enjoying this trip so far..

Humming Along in the Desert

On the way to Vegas, we spotted a colorful monument of some sort along the 15. So we pulled over just outside of Jean and looked it up on our phones to see what that was. It was called the Seven Magic Mountains, which consisted seven towers of stacked colorful boulders standing at over 30 feet high. So we went to check it out but the wind was picking up really hard, blowing in all directions. It made riding more difficult, let alone walking to the site! But we wanted a closer look and we were glad it was worth the trouble. I also developed a really nasty running nose from dry and sandy winds. Amber could tell I was getting a little irritated but we were just ten miles from Vegas where my mood could change.. with a persuasion of good (and free) beer..

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Zion National Park


Willow Springs International Raceway


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