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The Motorcycle


Year: 1980

Make: Kawasaki 

Model: KZ650F1

Engine Displacement: 652cc

Kayzee was the first motorcycle I fell in love at first sight when my younger brother brought her home. I was envious of him for having her and of her for being so beautiful I couldn't have it. She had a tick over 16,000 miles but had a lot of work done (more than she was worth!) She has a 4-into-1 Vance and Hines exhaust system and that made her already amazing performance even better. She was loud but not too loud and had that neat burble when you go off throttle. Blue is my favorite color and she had the perfect amount of color on her, especially with the headers burnt blue (from too much choke). She has a 19 inch front and that made her very smooth and stable in turns. Brakes weren't worth shit but with her sweet handling 652cc motor I didn't need much of slowing down. After almost a year, my brother didn't want to take care of her anymore and it was my opportunity to grab her. We became the perfect couple and racked up over 20,000 fun miles. First month I took ownership of Kayzee, we went on a wild run with my parents to Tombstone, AZ and visit my cousin Eddy South. We had the best time on the road and in town, drinking and starting bar fights. She ran flawlessly in my hands and never gave a hint of trouble. She had low and wide handlebars, flat seat and a very short set of gears. She works a little hard after 70mph but she revs fast and strong. We had one crash together (my bad) and she has some cosmetic damage but I've been meaning to restore her back to her former glory.. Engine runs great, tyres in good condition, brakes are OK.. Now to replace the parts I've broken: Rear tail, RPM gauge, front brake lever, headlight, front blinkers and stator cover. 

Lady Hawk

Year: 1984

Make: Honda

Model: Nighthawk S

Engine Displacement: 696cc

The motorcycle was named Lady Hawk, she was purchased in January of 2016 with just 20,542 miles on the clock. A good friend of my Dad's offered this motorcycle to me. I was not really interested but I love vintage bikes and it was worked on by Chris (the good friend of Dad's and brilliant at restoration) I had to take a look. I took a few look at her and wasn't really attracted. I even took her out for a short spin, I was not a fan of how it felt (seat, handlebars and the quietness). I had grown accustomed to loud and heavy mechanical feeling so this was a huge change. Learning why this motorcycle woulds suit me; hydraulic lifters, shaft driven, automatic adjuster and low maintenance. Chris had done all the work on it; carburetion, fluids checked, bolts cleaned/replaced, new stickers, and all cleaned up. My Dad finally convinced me and we brought her home. It started to have some electrical issues so she sat for a few more months. When I fixed the apparent issue with the main fuse, it wasn't until I took her on our first trip together I had fallen in love.. 

Why was I in love? Lady Hawk had arrived at the right moment of my life when I had taken my next step as a motorcyclist. I liked motorcycles loud fast and obnoxious I rode hard and I didn't mind how I sat on them, it was all style and zero comfort. I had embarked on many road trips with my father and more than two thirds of the time I rode his Harley Night Train. It was a loud bike, lots of rumble and uncomfortable unreachable pegs. When I took the Lady Hawk on our first trip, I was immediately very comfortable and very happy. The seat was low and not too wide I was able to move around comfortably, the handlebars were much closer to the center than I was used to but it sat high enough I could turn with ease and sit up right without hurting my back. It also helped she has a 16 inch front with twin discs, an extra gear and a smooth power delivery. I had visions that I would go on to see more of the world on this motorcycle.. and I did. After a year and half I've accumulated over 28,000 miles and they were all smiles.. 

The Rider

Born: 1985

From: Southern California


Likes: Cars, motorcycles, planes, boats, anything with a motor, video games, traveling, photography, music, tits, dark beer, and movies  

My name is Francisco Tejeras. I lost my hearing at eighteen months old and immediately wore a cochlear implant that would change my life. With years of training and learning, I would soon gain back what I've lost. Though I grew up with American sign language and deaf friends, I knew I was very much in a hearing world so I had to speak very well. My father worked at Vance and Hines so naturally I was raised around motorcycles and racing. With my much improved hearing and surrounded by the noise of the motorcycling world, I fell in love with that world. I knew where I wanted to belong. At age of 5, like most motorcycling kids, I got a Yamaha PW50. I knew I wanted to ride. As soon as I got my driver's license, I got my motorcycle license and off I went. My other passion other than motorcycles was photography. I took classes in high school and almost hated it. A very young beautiful girl named Lizet would changed that. She was the most beautiful young woman I had ever laid my eyes on, she was also very ambitious and truly brilliant. She knew how I loved her and how I love motorcycles, she taught and showed me how to channel that passion through a camera lens. After years of experience at automotive events, I began to discover my talent. If you've seen the photos I take at auto events or at the race track, you can clearly see my love for the (motor)sport. I love and am loved very easily, I see the joy in all good and wonderful things. I love good music, good food, good beer and good company. I love adventure and I love being on the road.

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